Chaos and complete blandness of routine. Still shades and colors of beauty in few of the passing ticks of time.

What does it really care about the most? What’s the most important goal it yearns to achieve?

Time is a relentless enemy and an accountable friend, that doesn’t let you use it as your agony aunt. Never, not even once.

Good lesson.

Hello world!

Welcome to my world!

This is the playground for my free thoughts. ( I hope I can get to it quickly after all the font etc settings a thousand times.)

and i am finally done. I like the cleanliness of my new theme. I hope to have grammar-free stream of consciousness expression here.

Yesterday was a break from lack of sleep. The sun shone brighter than day before. Brief morning rain can do wonders to waking up.

In a way nature still holds its control over finer more beautiful things in human experience; otherwise one was bound to think facebook was becoming too powerful.