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Meine Gedanken auf etwas in Java.

Java Deprecated on Mac OS X – Apple Goes for OpenJDK

So I for one, being a Java programmer working on a Mac for, well a respectable amount of time, was kind of disheartened when Apple announced they were deprecating Java from Mac OS X: “As of the release of Java for Max OS X 10.6 Update 3, the version of Java that is ported by […]

Making Web Frameworks Obsolete: Java EE 6

“Frameworks like Spring are really just a bridge between the mistakes of the J2EE past and the success of the Java EE 6 future. Frameworks are out, and extensions to the Java EE 6 platform are in. Now is the time to start looking past Spring, and looking forward to Seam and Weld and CDI […]

Java Concurrency

Amdahl’s Law: If P is the part of a program that can be run in parallel on N processors, and (1 − P) is the part that cannot be parallelized and must run sequentially, then the maximum speedup that can be achieved by using N processors is Using Threads to tasks in parallel, causes 2 issues we must […]